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    Beemster Royaal is like a piece of gold that melts on your tongue. Due to its special recipe a unique cheese has evolved with a wonderful smooth creaminess. Its slightly nutty and slightly sweet taste leads you to an overwhelming tasting experience.

    Beemster Royaal is wonderful to suggest to shoppers who are interested in expanding their horizons of specialty cheese beyond the basics. Its uniquely sweet flavour attracts children more than any other cheese yet satisfies more advanced consumers who have a long history with specialty cheeses.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel

  • A full bodied and intense flavoured cheese with maturation crystals in full development.
    This cheese has a beautiful combination of aromas and has an exquisite and powerful taste.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel

  • Semi matured buffalo cheese with a distinctive aroma for a cheese with a distinctive source: buffalo’s milk. Slowly matured for four months to obtain an intense but refined cheese.

    Weight : 1.5 kg

  • Winner supergold on world cheese awards 2019 as the best natural mold rind cheese in the world 2019-2020

    A soft, buttery cheese with a citric spark that melts in the mouth, a spotless white colour. Its rind provides with moss and understorey notes. An indispensable cheese in any table.

    Weight : 1kg

  • Unique due to the milk’s origin, it has a close and buttery texture. It shows buffalo milk’s from the beginning: it starts with sweet hints, it turns acid and it has a slightly bitter aftertaste tempting to try it again.

    Piece 180g

  • Artisan semi-cured artisan Manchego denomination of origin cheese

    Best Cheese Award in its category at the 2020 WCC.
    The semi-cured sheep’s cheese is the youngest of the three types of curing. It is a cheese elaborated from raw Manchega sheep’s milk from their own livestock. It does not contain egg lysozyme or lactose.

    Tasting: creamy texture and is of an ivory white colour. Lactic smell which is reminiscent of cream, butter and yogurt. Pleasant and elegant taste.

    All the cheeses are suitable for persons who are allergic to eggs or are lactose intolerant..

    Weight : 1/4 of wheel , 1/12 of wheel

  • Matured sheep cheese with pasteurized milk. The pasteurization provides the cheese with softness and sweetness. Due to the distinctive and smooth fragrances of this sort of milk, this cheese is perfect for those who find cheese made from raw milk too strong.
    You can pair it with young red wines and eat it as an appetizer accompanied by a glass of wine or beer, in a sandwich, as a dessert with dried fruits or quince.

    Weight : 450g

  • Semi matured buffalo cheese – 0% lactose

    Weight : 850g

  • A soft-textured cheese with a delicate goat milk flavour. slightly acidic taste and rindless. Creamy and melty in the inside. Cheese for starters in the field of cheese or for seekers of soft flavours.

    Piece 180g aprox.

  • A surprising cheese made only from buffalo cheese. With a soft and light texture with an aromatic and agreeable balance it is full of touches of fruit, citric fruits and nuts.

    Weight : 250g


    This cheese is revered by cheese connoisseurs for its rich flavours of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan. The XO® has been aging naturally in historic warehouses and due to the unique milk and craftsmanship, it stays creamy while developing flavour. As the longest aged Beemster cheese, there are normally tyrosine crystals (amino acids) in the cheese itself that result in “crunchies” that consumers often look for when purchasing an aged product.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel