Semi-cured Cheese Wedge

Artisan semi-cured artisan Manchego denomination of origin cheese

Best Cheese Award in its category at the 2020 WCC.
The semi-cured sheep’s cheese is the youngest of the three types of curing. It is a cheese elaborated from raw Manchega sheep’s milk from their own livestock. It does not contain egg lysozyme or lactose.

Tasting: creamy texture and is of an ivory white colour. Lactic smell which is reminiscent of cream, butter and yogurt. Pleasant and elegant taste.

All the cheeses are suitable for persons who are allergic to eggs or are lactose intolerant..

Weight : 1/4 of wheel , 1/12 of wheel

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What is the secret of this unique sheep’s cheese? A careful elaboration and curing process where technology manages to combine the characteristics of an artisan cheese – taste, aroma, texture, nutrition – with the precision of procedures which ensure its quality and health and that enables us to offer a high-quality gourmet cheese.

Semi-cured Cheese Wedge