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  • Selected fillets of cod from Iceland in extra virgin olive oil, accompanied by garlic and black peppercorns. A surprising Ar de Arte recipe wrapped in one more ingenious creation of the painter Fernando Rei.

    Net weight: 110g
    Capacity: 120ml

  • Despite being an oily fish, garfish has many differences compared to sardines, such as its powerful flavor and firm texture.

    Ar de Arte selects small fish caught in Galician estuaries, always within the limits set by legislation in terms of sustainability. Once clean and toasted, they are packed by hand piece by piece to incorporate the olive oil which, over time, will improve its flavor due to the influence of this wonderful fish.

    The design, of course, is an original painting by Fernando Rei, painted exclusively for Ar de Arte in 2020.

    Net weight: 110g
    Capacity: 120ml

  • Its provenance says it all, the Arousa Estuary. From there you get the best mussel in the world, grown in “bateas”, structures that respect the natural growth of mussels.

    To prepare them, they are fried just enough to give consistency and firmness before being packed one by one and accompanied by a soft pickle.

  • Mussels from Arousa Estuary, fried to give them the perfect consistency before incorporating the homemade brine. Each piece is canned one by one, manually, to ensure an exceptional presentation.
    The illustration shows O Cebreiro as the entrance to Galicia of the pilgrims, where they say that the Santa María church holds the Holy Grail, represented in the coat of arms of Galicia.

  • Freshness and flavor of the sea, the essence of our razor-shell.
    Expert divers capture the best specimens in the “Ria de Arousa”.

    Knowing the value of this seafood, we simply bathe them in water and salt so that you can value its original quality.

    They don´t let you down!

  • It surprises the size of our sardinilla, because we select the smaller one that the law allows fishing on Galician coasts. It comes from the area of Rianxo (A Coruña), a fishing village known for fishing the best sardine.

    They are cleaned in seawater and separated from each other for a uniform roasting that also avoids damaging their meat. Finally, they are packed by hand one by one to find a spectacular presentation.

  • Small grilled sardines, canned manually, one by
    one. Finally the olive oil is added to highlight the
    flavor of our sardines.

    The images refer to the Boticcelli painting «The
    Birth of Venus», Goddess who protects the
    pilgrims who headed for the West.
    The point she signals in the last 100 kms before
    Compostela, the point as from where the pilgrim
    obtains the famous Compostela.

  • Small sardines, placed manually in the can,
    incorporating olive oil and chili to give a subtle
    spicy touch.
    The image describes the arrival at the end of the
    known world, Fisterra.
    One curiosity represented in this can is the one
    about the origin of the popular board game Oca
    associated to the Camino de Santiago, where
    square 63, the last one, is associated to Fisterra,
    and not Santiago

  • Once the best small scallop from Galician estuaries is selected, it is packed by hand piece by piece before incorporating our best kept secret, the scallop sauce.

    We reinvent this traditional sauce made only with natural products that, cooked on a slow fire, make it the perfect companion for our small scallop.

  • Reinvented the traditional queen scallop sauce
    to accompany the selection of the best scallops.
    This sauce is made of totally natural ingredients,
    subtly incorporated with care and slow cooking.

    The design wants to project the arrival to
    Santiago as a gate that welcomes the pilgrim,
    represented by the well-known Botafumeiro
    (incense burner) and the image of the actual