Fleur de Sel Marrakech Salt

This Fleur de Sel comes from the Atlas Mountains surrounding Marrakech in Morocco. The water underground is naturally pure, salty and very rich in natural minerals. This unique environment, exceptionally well exposed to the sun and the wind, gives this fleur de sel a unique taste that is both iodized and mineral. A Marriage between Land and Sea. It is our signature product and a best seller of the brand.
With its “Majorelle Blue” colored box, this fleur de sel with its mineral taste goes perfectly with meat.

Weight : 70g

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How to use

Fleur de sel is a finishing salt, which is added to dishes as a final touch, to preserve the nuanced flavors of the salt and its crystalline texture. The fleur de sel cannot be cooked and must be added out of the heat, when serving.

Fleur de Sel Marrakech Salt