Biscuits with Pistachios & Almonds

Prato Biscuits – commonly known as cantucci or cantuccini – are part of the Tuscany confectionary tradition that sees them as a perfect end meal in combination with Vin Santo.
Pistachios and Almonds Biscuits are a fresh flavor variant of the Biscotti di Prato, with which they share the same identical dough.

Prepared with just 4 simple ingredients : flour,sugar,pistachios,almond and free-range eggs. They do not contain preservatives,animal fats or vegetable fats.

Suggested pairings:
-for end meal with Dessert wines,soft grappas or spiced gins
-for a snack or breakfast with coffee or tea, but also with vanilla or chocolate ice cream

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WHEAT flour, Sugar, free range EGGS, PISTACHIOS 10%, ALMONDS 10% May contain Butter, Soy, Pine Nuts and Hazelnuts

Net Weight

125 g / 4.4 oz, 250 g / 8.8 oz, 500 g / 17.5 oz, 625 g / 22 oz

Shelf Life

12 months

Item Code

125 g – 10304, 250 g – 10302, 500 g – 10301

Biscuits with Pistachios & Almonds