Gran Reserva Cheese Wedge

Artisan Manchego Designation of Origin cheese.
Artisan Gran Reserva cheese.. Chosen as Best Cheese in the World at the 2012 World Cheese Awards.

A gourmet cheese which has delighted chefs such as Ferrán Adriá or Berasategui. Its nine months of curing imbue the cheese with an intense flavour and aroma, a flaky texture and a lovely lingering finish tempting one to have another bite.

A cheese without lactose or additives. It does not contain egg lysozyme either, which is why it is suitable for persons who are allergic to eggs.

Weight : 1/4 of wheel , 1/12 of wheel

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This sheep cheese, Manchego designation of origin, is made from raw milk from La Mancha sheep raised on the farm itself. Its rind is natural , made up of the cheese itself. The personalized treatment (since each cheese passes through the hands of the artisan at least ten times) and its minimum aging period of nine months greatly limit production and make it a gourmet cheese.

Gran Reserva Cheese Wedge