Cured Cheese Wedge

Artisan cured Manchego denomination of origin cheese
Tasting: Its six months of curing imbues the cheese with an ivory/yellow paste colour. The flavour of this artisan Manchego D.O. cheese is aromatic, intense, very elegant and with a long finish

Lactose-free cheese suitable for people who are allergic to eggs as it does not contain lysozyme

All raw-milk Manchego cheeses are elaborated from the milk of their own Manchega sheep flock.

Weight : 1/4 of wheel , 1/12 of wheel

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The secret of this sheep cheese? A careful preparation and a maturing process where technology manages to unite the characteristics of an artisan cheese – flavor, aroma, texture, nutrition – with the rigor of the procedures that guarantee its quality and health.

Cured Cheese Wedge