Salchichon ecológico cular Superior

Raw-cured sausage, produced from a pork meat base, seasoned
with salt and spices, and stuffed using a double layer natural
pork casing.
Organic and Unique
Top quality is achieved by scrupulous selection, care and feeding
of female pigs until they reach the right combination of age and
weight. The organic nature of Bofill cured meats is officially
Mild delicate taste
After mincing the meat, this organic product has a small touch of
spiciness added, using organic salt and organic white peppercorns, to achieve a slightly sweet, mild flavour, respecting at all times the peculiarity and quality of the selected meat.
Determined for ensuring a product made in a unique, meticulous way at every stage means be created every one of sausages manually with natural double-sided pig intestine.

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