Salchichon Cular Superior

Raw-cured sausage, produced from a pork meat base, seasoned with salt and spices, and stuffed using a double layer natural pork casing.

The finest meat
The base are the finest parts such as hams, shoulders, loins and neck and belly pork, coming at all times from pigs that have been carefully selected and specifically fattened on chosen nearby small production farms
Traditional manual stuffing
The work is a real calling and is completely craft-based, taking care with every detail in order to achieve the authentic sausage, linked by hand by the two ends with a hemp cord specially imported from Egypt
Optimum cold drying
Once the llonganissa has been identified and stuffed, the drying process begins, seeking to achieve distinctive flavors, evolving slowly and entirely in the cold, as was done in the past on winter days. This drying process lasts between 17 and 20 weeks

Net weight : 1.3 kg

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