MAJESTÉ: The nobility of this pâté is its grace

Given the noble origins of the Black Prince of Biscay, we couldn’t call this pâté anything other than Majesty, emphasizing the Royalty of its origins.
Then follows a play on words between « grâce » and « graisse » (grace and fat in french) in reference to one of the peculiarities of this rustic breed, its intramuscular fat with singular whiteness gives it power and a distinctive, assertive character.

With this recipe, the full power of The Black Prince of Biscay can express itself. Made of a coarsely chopped stuffing and fine lamb’s lettuce, its rough consistency surprises under the tooth revealing a perfection so singular to its character.

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Black Prince of Biscay pork meat and liver, salt, pepper, garlic and a pinch of love.


130 g


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