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  • DESIR: The promise of a spicy encounter

    This recipe offers creamy and refined duck meat, dutifully enhanced by the pronounced character of a « Béarnais » pepper with a sweet fig scent. A charnal encounter between sweetness and fire, where passions mix. A harmony that will ignite the flame of many epicureans.

  • DIVIN: The pâté that gives you back the liver

    A delicious encounter between the power of the Black Prince and the smoothness of exceptional foie gras. When cooking, the latter brings sweetness to the rustic stuffing that surrounds it. Finded a roundness, elegance and a certain gluttony uphold this recipe.

  • ETERNEL: The pâté refined by the angels

    The Eternel, accompanied by its phrase “The pâté refined by the angels” refers here to the often forgotten phenomenon of evaporation of alcohol during its aging in barrels, called symbolically “The share of the Angels”.
    Deliciously raised by a tear of Armagnac, finded the delicacy and finesse of all its aromas help to bring a lightness and refinement to this pâté. Subtly dosed, Armagnac allows for a complex and exceptional stuffing while avoiding any bitterness that can sometimes be too pronounced.

  • GÉNÈSE : The original pâté

    This unpretentious recipe reflects a nostalgic desire to return a simpler way of life. Produced something both pure and generous in flavour. Of course, talking about the premise of a creation, its about Genesis.

    Made using Duroc Pork this recipe is getting us back to basics. Its grainy texture and moreish quality ensure it is a serious contender to rival any traditional pâté out there.

  • MAJESTÉ: The nobility of this pâté is its grace

    With this recipe, the full power of The Black Prince of Biscay can express itself. Made of a coarsely chopped stuffing and fine lamb’s lettuce, its rough consistency surprises under the tooth revealing a perfection so singular to its character.

  • MIRACLE: The enchanting scent of a stirred pâté

    This dark beer, with light notes of cocoa and coffee, offers sweetness and smoothness to the meat. Expertly balanced, the lightness of its fragrance surprises with its freshness and delicacy while affirming the so particular character of the Black Prince of Biscay. This delicious marriage stands out as an original.