DESIR: The promise of a spicy encounter

DESIR represents for us a celestial attraction, one which needs no reason. The fiery fire burning from within without knowing why. This evocation is none other than the beginnings of a passionate relationship. The associated phrase, “the promise of a spicy encounter” transports us between exhilaration, flirtation and sensuality.

This recipe offers creamy and refined duck meat, dutifully enhanced by the pronounced character of a « Béarnais » pepper with a sweet fig scent. A charnal encounter between sweetness and fire, where passions mix. A harmony that will ignite the flame of many epicureans.

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Duck meat from Ferme Brougnon, chili pepper from Béarn smoked with fig wood from Maison Malnou, salt, pepper, and a pinch of love.


130 g


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