Joselito Salchichón Vela

In the Salchichón Vela Joselito you can see a combination of different scales of colour ranging from reddish to purple. This piece consists of the mixture of minced meat that comes exclusively from the noble parts of the pork, seasoned with sea salt, pepper and garlic

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The ingredients of the Salchichón Vela Joselito are: lean pork, sea salt, pepper and garlic.


The Salchichón Vela is naturally cured for more than 3 months.


Whole piece vacuum packed and wrapped in Joselito gift wrapping paper.


The Salchichón Vela Joselito should be kept in a cool, dry place


The Salchichón Vela Joselito must be removed from its package at least 24 hours before consumption.


To appreciate the taste and aroma of the Salchichón Vela Joselito, it should be consumed at room temperature between 20 and 25 ºC.

Tasting note

Tender texture and juiciness obtained from mincing the meat twice, handmade produced. Delicate flavour with light notes of pepper. Sensation of smoothness and softness to the mouth. The Salchichón Vela is characterized by its delicacy, given by the special mince of the meat and the contribution that gives the marbling in the muscles of the acorn fed pig, which gives rise to a very harmonious, intense flavour and unique aroma.

Joselito Salchichón Vela