Joselito Coppa

Coppa is the triangular-shaped piece found after the loin in the cranial area, it shares the
same muscles as the loin (longissimus, lumbar and thoracic), although only the portions
into which it is inserted. This piece also includes the muscles located in the dorsal region of
the neck, as well as the rhomboid cervicis and the part of the thoracic and cervical trapezius
that are not included in the paleta, it comes exclusively from pigs. Seasoned with sea salt,
pepper and garlic and cased in intestines, which has passed through a maturing-drying
process, which ensures it is very stable and has a characteristic aroma and flavour.


Additional information


When cut it is characterised by its streaked intramuscular fat with a marble-like appearance, typical of the penetration of fat into the muscles of free-range pigs.


Fine pork meat, sea salt, pepper and garlic.

Cured for

More than 6 months

Joselito Coppa