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  • Introduced for the first time in 1932 at the opening of the Prunier Restaurant on St. James Street in London. Two months after being caught, this caviar reaches perfect maturity and has a low salt content. The production of Saint-James met the taste of noble clientele such as kings, queens and heads of state, who were regular guests at the Prunier Restaurant. The quintessence of the Prunier caviar. Historically produced since 1932 with the same exclusive technique, this very large, racy caviar containing iodine, is full-bodied and has a very long finish. It is most similar to the Oscietra caviar from the Caspian Sea with its variety of aromas and density of taste.

    It harmonises wonderfully with a rosé champagne or a large Sauvignon like the Pouilly Fumé.

    Weight : 50g

  • The classic in the entire caviar range of Prunier. The Siberian sturgeon, Acipenser baerii, is one of the most magnificent sturgeons. Like its cousins in the Caspian Sea, it can grow up to three metres long and weigh up to several hundred kilos. Baerii sturgeons thrive particularly in aquaculture, they reach maturity after 6 to 8 years and then deliver Prunier caviar.

    This caviar of highest finesse and unique character is the archetype of the Prunier caviar. It has very clear, generous aromas of choice nuts and almonds and captivates with a beautiful long finish. The variety Prunier Tradition comes closest to the taste of Sevruga caviar.

    By the way, Prunier Tradition harmonizes perfectly with dry and intense white wines based on Sauvignon, such as Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé.

    Weight : 50g

  • Robbe & Berking Tafelgeräte 925 Sterling Silber Caviar serving bowl,material: crystal glass + silver coated lid
    diameter : 17 cm

    Sevruga Steluga® Royal is making a comeback to the forefront of the caviar scene after a breakthrough in farm fishing. This Sevruga caviar with unparalleled softness is obtained from the starry sturgeon Acipenser stellatus, one of the three species that originated in the Caspian Sea, along with Beluga and Ossetra. This small sturgeon, covered in star-shaped patches, produces caviar that’s meltingly soft, with a colour that ranges from pearly grey to charcoal grey. Thanks to its extremely creamy texture and perfectly mastered ageing, Sevruga Steluga® caviar coats the palate with strong briny flavours and has an exquisite, long finish.

    Hailing from the starry sturgeon that originates in the Caspian Sea, Sevruga Steluga® Tsar Impérial® caviar is known for its finesse and very briny flavour. After several years of research and development in order to save this species, it’s once again available for your enjoyment.
    This Sevruga Steluga® Tsar Impérial® caviar is so delicate that it should be tasted on its own, simply with a spoon. The shimmering pearly grey eggs have a strong, briny flavour, a creamy, soft texture, and a very long finish. Just like Beluga, this uncommonly soft caviar will cast a spell on caviar lovers.

  • The silver-gilt caviar tasting spoon was created by Petrossian for the opening of our restaurant in New York. This tasting spoon has become the iconic utensil at every grand occasion with a caviar tasting. The caviar tasting spoon has a silver-plated metal handle and a silver-gilt tip.

    Armen Petrossian presents his new product, the Talisman®. This elixir, made out of 100% caviar and nothing else, only contains sturgeon eggs. Before even being tasted, it wows with a soft, slightly syrupy texture and a beautiful grey-black colour. Its pure flavour and typically ‘caviar’ brininess will bring out the best in even the simplest dishes. It will liven up scrambled eggs or omelettes, and is perfect for being folded into sauces. Why not serve your guests an artisanal Burrata drizzled with Talisman® caviar? It’s also the perfect pairing for fresh pasta.