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  • These blinis are hand-made using high-quality ingredients. The blini dough is made with eggs, milk, and flour. The dough is then cooked in a pan and cut into little circles creating beautifully golden, mini blinis. Blinis should be enjoyed warm (three minutes in a warm oven or in the toaster). They’re the perfect vessel for all sorts of delicacies and spreads: caviar, tzatziki, olive tapenade, ktipiti, tarama, smoked fish, fish roe, foie gras.
    Contains 30 pcs.

    Weight : 135 g

    Ossetra Royal Caviar is a great, classic caviar. It has a delicate structure with elegant, golden highlights, a perfectly balanced bouquet of flavours reminiscent of the sea and fresh walnuts. The ‘Royal’ Petrossian selection guarantees a full-bodied, rich caviar that will impress you and your guests from start to finish.

    The Ossetra Spécial Réserve® caviar is known for its extraordinary characteristics. Its colour ranges from light and dark amber to honey and even gold, making it a phenomenally sensual caviar. It has a slightly complex flavour that’s extremely elegant and very delicate nutty notes on the finish.

    A caviar masterpiece. Ossetra Tsar Impérial is a caviar that’s dark amber to golden in colour, with a firm and sensual texture. The flavours amplify when rolled by the tongue against the palate. The Petrossian Tsar Impérial caviars are selected for their complexity of flavour and persistence, in order to satisfy even the most demanding of caviar lovers.

  • This lighthearted presentation is designed for picnicking and snacking. Our tin offers seven individual 12g servings of Royal Transmontanus Caviar with their own mini spoons, neatly packed and ready to take along anywhere.
    Contains seven 12g. servings of Royal Transmontanus Caviar, each in its own ‘egg’ with its own mini-spoon. Comes in our unique Petit Petrossian tin as shown.

  • What’s more decadent than rich, creamy French butter? How about infusing it with the savory burst of the world’s finest caviar? The salty brine and robust perfume of the caviar will make plain butter a distant memory.
    Slathered on toast points, it makes a fabulous canapes and the perfect “soldier” for dipping in soft boiled eggs. Add a dollop to freshly-grilled fish, swirl through pasta-even top creme brulee just before sizzling!

  • This one-of-a-kind creation – 100% preserved caviar – brings the full flavor of caviar to every dish. Salads, pastas & cocktails will sing with full flavor! The unique mill allows you to either sprinkle full beads or grind the pearls.
    Add the taste of caviar to eggs, potatoes, pasta, seafood, and more. Different colors do not signify different flavors.

  • Like a rare jewel, a 50g tin of your favorite caviar is set in a beautiful lacquer display case, ready to be enjoyed. The gift box is available separately as well.

    You pick the caviar and we’ll package it perfectly for you. Our new display case lets you pop the question to the caviar-lover in your life. Give them the gift they really want, along with a keepsake they’ll treasure forever

  • Now anyone can crack a tin with ease, using these stylish and powerful Petrossian Caviar Tin Openers, baring our famous bateau logo. These keepsakes are the perfect size and shape to slide beneath the rim of the tin. Your caviar is only a twist away!
    Forged in France, each heavy metal opener is meant to last forever, hopefully unlocking innumerable tins from one generation to the next. A perfect keepsake or the ideal gift for the true caviar lover.

  • Throw out the rest of your pantry. The caviar flavor in this luscious cream will make it the last condiment you’ll ever need. We think of our newest creation as an “easy to use caviar,” delicious with aperitifs or appetizers.
    Spread a generous dollop on toast points, blini and crackers…even dip if you dare! Treat the brunch crowd to a taste, topping omelets and brioche.

  • Each order of this inspired pairing includes a 30g tin of the sublime caviar of your choice, joined by a jar of our creamy Duck Foie Gras, sourced from the most prestigious farms in France.

  • This defining collection offers a taste of out legendary Tsar Imperial Ossetra, Royal Shassetra Caviar, Daurenki Caviar, Royal Baika and Royal Transmontanus Caviar. Luxuriously serves from 1-5 people (30g tins) or 4-8 (50g tins).

  • Papierusse is a thin, 10-centimetre square individual sheet of caviar perfect for making a croque-caviar. Cut into any shape for a surprising and flavourful presentation. It’s divine on top of soft-boiled eggs, as a thin cover for omelettes, or even to make gourmet sushi.

    Weight: 20g

  • Certainly one of the rarest caviars in the world. An exceptional, light and coarse caviar, always prepared according to the Persian method. Its subtle, inimitable taste will seduce the most demanding connoisseurs. A true symphony of flavours. A tribute to all lovers of the Imperial selection from the Caspian Sea.

    Such a rare caviar goes well with a great legendary wine, such as a Château Haut-Brion Blanc or a Montrachet.

    Weight : 125g

  • This special caviar recipe, also known as “Pur Sel” (pure salted), is one of the masterpieces of Prunier caviar production. Due to its unique salting and preparation, this caviar is rich in character. The “Malossol” caviar is a tribute to the time when Prunier produced this full-bodied caviar especially for its customers overseas, in America and Japan. Pilots Nungesser and Coli took a can of “Prunier Malossol” caviar with them on their historic flight across the Atlantic in 1927.

    This specific caviar, also known as “pur sel”, is large-grained and deep black. It captivates with its strong, varied aromas and its infinitely long finish. Dark, powerful, rich in character and concentrated, iodized aroma, it leaves a long-lasting taste on the palate.

    This Prunier variety is perfect for lovers of the traditional Russian caviar.

    Weight : 50g

  • “The Parisian way since 1920” – Prunier Paris stands for the homage to the beginnings of the Prunier manufactory when Emile Prunier developed a lightly salted caviar that was freshly produced daily for immediate enjoyment and delivered to restaurants in Paris. After production, this caviar is now packed directly in vacuum tins. The caviar thus retains its 48-hour character and rewards immediate enjoyment.

    This amber-coloured, coarse-grained caviar has a low salt content. Its subtle and creamy character gives it a unique aromatic complexity.

    A caviar that can be discovered alone as an aperitif or to start a meal, served with a large Chardonnay wine of the Meursault or Pouilly-Fuissé type or a vinous Champagne of the Krug or Bollinger type.

    Weight : 50g