Sevruga Steluga® Tsar Impérial® Caviar

Hailing from the starry sturgeon that originates in the Caspian Sea, Sevruga Steluga® Tsar Impérial® caviar is known for its finesse and very briny flavour. After several years of research and development in order to save this species, it’s once again available for your enjoyment.
This Sevruga Steluga® Tsar Impérial® caviar is so delicate that it should be tasted on its own, simply with a spoon. The shimmering pearly grey eggs have a strong, briny flavour, a creamy, soft texture, and a very long finish. Just like Beluga, this uncommonly soft caviar will cast a spell on caviar lovers.

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Additional information

Shelf Life

56 days

Storage temperature

0 to 4 C

Aromatic Notes

briny, fish


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