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  • The After Eggxiting® gift set is a set that has just the perfect amount of caviar to brighten up your evening. This set includes two Eggxiting® that each contain 12g of caviar. Eggxiting® is a Petrossian innovation. This little jar is paired with Petrossian vodka miniatures and two mini individual tasting spoons that can be taken anywhere, providing you with new occasions and locations for a caviar tasting: at cocktail hour, during a picnic, or for a romantic dinner…

  • Sri Lanka is the home of Ceylon tea and it offers a wondrous variety of growing regions, each of which yields a different flavour. Growing the tea at a medium altitude gives this tea a lighter, fresher flavour than its lower grown, strong and malty counterparts used for English Breakfast Tea. Best sipped in the afternoons with a plentiful array of biscuits and cake. We use only the finest quality loose leaf tea in our biodegradable tea bags, and the pyramid shape allows more space for the water and tea leaves to infuse, resulting in a cuppa that’s both complex and superior in flavour.

    This product is suitable for vegan and gluten free diets.

    Weight : 45g
    Product Code : 5327

    Its distinct yet refined taste and wonderfully creamy texture are great additions to a sandwich or salad as well as your favourite casserole or cheese platter. This particular cheese contains tiny tyrosine crystals (amino acids) which can subtly be tasted adding depth of flavour. It is therefore no surprise that connoisseurs prefer this cheese for its unique taste.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel

  • A red wine of good intensity, the Aguaribay Malbec’s intense aromas resemble ripe cherries and raspberries that combined with the slight vanilla, give elegance and fineness to this wine. On the palate, it appears soft and silky, with round tannins. It is a wine of a medium structure, thought for a short guard, because the freshness and smoothness are its major virtue. Ideal with red meats, plates of medium flavors and hard chesses.

    Volume : 750ml

  • The Bornibus aioli will go perfectly with your fish and seafood. Its fresh and sunny flavor will add a Mediterranean touch to your dishes to the delight of your guests!

    Net weigth : 220g

  • Chatka Seafood commercializes different presentations of Russian king crab frozen, raw, cooked on board in their presentations shelled and peeled. Camchacticus Parolithodes performance is huge, other products only have a 20% of real seafood meat utilization, while Chatka products have more than 50% performance.

  • Discover our Red King Crab Merus meat of the Kamchatka Red King Crab. Petrossian has selected the fleshiest, largest, most flavourful piece of crab meat, also known as ‘Merus’. This is the biggest knuckle, which is the part of the crab leg that’s closest to the body. It’s an extraordinary product with a spectacular flavour that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever tried. Purists like to enjoy it on its own to savour its true flavour. It can also be served in a salad or in any type of warm or cold recipe that you can conjure up with your imagination.

  • The merus is the part of the first phalanx of the leg of the king crab, considered the sirloin due to its delicate tender, freshness and exquisite taste.

    Weight : 500g

  • The Red King Crab shoulder meat comes from the Kamchatka Red King Crab, the largest living crab in the world. We’ve selected shelled shoulder meat that’s firm, white in the middle, and deliciously salty. You can use it to liven up salads or other warm or cold dishes, or even enjoy it as finger food.

  • For a fish to become Albino the chances are around 1 in 50.000.000 – that’s how rare it is. Caviar from Albino older and larger fish from the sturgeon hybrid of Beluga (Huso Dauricus) and Ossietra (Acipenser Schrenkii) which combines the best characteristics of both species in one caviar. Being more than 20 years of age, Its round and rolling grains are of a nice fancy green colour like a rare diamond. Soft and balanced flavours with notes of earthy nuts and creamy butter. A special caviar to impress available in very few quantities approximately 100-150kgs per year available worldwide.

  • Alioli sauce elaborated with our Smoked Olive Oil “Finca La Barca”. With the smoky aroma and flavour of our Oil and special touch of garlic, this sauce will be a must in your kitchen. You can use it with your meat, sandwiches, seafood…

    Gluten free.

    Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct light. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within seven days.

  • All Saints’ Gingerbread Special Toast & Foie gras.

    Slightly firmer than its cousin “the Original”, Toussaint gingerbread is particularly suitable for making toast or developing gourmet recipes.

    Ideal partner of foie gras, you can also associate it with cheeses.

  • Iranian Almas caviar had long been the sole preserve of Shahs, Tsars and Sultans, for it was only these men who ruled absolute over millions, by the divine right of God, that had the right to taste the angelic flavors, and feel the tenderness of these gastronomic pearls over their tongue.
    The rarity of Almas caviar was so because the sturgeon from which it is produced from is the Albino Beluga sturgeon, who has to reach the specific age of 100 years old before the eggs can be obtained. The roe is a brilliant white, spiritually so, sparkling with a diamond like finish.
    Offering the most delicious taste, uniquely tender and nuanced in its flavor, with the richness of fresh buttery Beluga and an aroma that is all its own, you will slip into a dreamlike state with the very first bite. Furthermore 1 in 10 million fish becomes albino.

  • Prato Biscuits – also commonly known as almond cantucci – are part of the Tuscany confectionary tradition that sees them as a perfect end meal in combination with Vin Santo.
    Prepared with only 5 simple ingredients : flour, sugar-free range eggs, almonds and pine nuts, they do not contain preservatives ,animal fats or vegetable fats.

    Recommended pairings :
    -for end meal in addition to the classic Vin Santo, perfect also with soft grappa
    -for a small snack, with coffee or cappuccino

    Once opened, store in a cool and dry place in the same tightly closed packaged

  • We don’t let any of the goodness of our Biscotti
    di Prato escape: the crumbs produced when
    we slice our biscuits are an intriguing alternative
    for preparing crusts for cheesecakes and such
    new recipes as the Bricioli Crack Pie.

  • Almond Bliss porridge will remind you of the smoothness and tastyness of almond butter. With more than 20% of whole almond, it is high in fiber and source of protein.

    Weight : 300g