1826 Products

  • Champagne Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blancs Rare Vintage 2010 – Case of Six
    Case of 6x750ml

  • Champagne Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blancs Rare Vintage 2010 – Case of Three
    Case of 3x750ml


    This cheese is revered by cheese connoisseurs for its rich flavours of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan. The XO® has been aging naturally in historic warehouses and due to the unique milk and craftsmanship, it stays creamy while developing flavour. As the longest aged Beemster cheese, there are normally tyrosine crystals (amino acids) in the cheese itself that result in “crunchies” that consumers often look for when purchasing an aged product.

    Weight : 150g, 250g, 1/4 of wheel

  • XFETTA is made with Nitro-B, a special steel specifically developed to achieve highly effective cutting performances. Thanks to the addition
    of nitrogen combined with an attentive and particular heat treatment, this special steel reaches high hardness, ensuring an excellent
    sharpening power and constant cutting performance over time.
    Blade length : 8cm

  • Xicara is a preparation for hot chocolate to be dissolved in water according to the traditional recipe. Created in collaboration with chef Vincenzo Candiano, it is composed of only three ingredients and can be enjoyed both hot and cold while maintaining its characteristic aromaticity.
    Net Weight: 240gr

  • Individually wrapped chocolates infused with chilli pepper, for enjoying the perfectly balanced, pleasurable sweetness of cocoa with the hot, spicy notes of chilli. The large box contains 20 pieces.
    The black tin contains 6 pieces.

    Net Weight : 30g

  • Ideal to season: Salads, fishes, boiled and grilled meats.
    Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, lemon

    Weight: 100ml

  • The slightly milder mustard from Egypt

    Yellow mustard emanates a sweet and warm flavour that develops when introduced to water, oil or vinegar. The seeds have a preservative effect and are hence, often used in savoury dishes, vinaigrettes, chutneys and glazes. Mustard seeds should be crushed and mixed with cold water to bring out its essential oils, which takes about 10 minutes. Other additions like vinegar, oil, salt, cider, citrus juice and herbs can be introduced later.

    Net Weight : 70g

  • Yellowfin tuna from Agromar, preserved in olive oil and packaged in a clear glass jar.
    Yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares), is probably the most used and well-known fish in the canning world.
The best parts of the pink and tasty meat from the yellowfin tuna are selected for the preparation of this product. Small variations are expected due to its preparation: traditional and by hand.

    Net Weight: 230g

  • A line of high quality products. These preserves keep unchanged all the characteristics of the fish. The raw material is carefully processed from wise hands according to ancient recipes.

    Jar 220g

  • One of the things you learn being from Yorkshire, is that everything that comes out of Yorkshire is just that little bit better. So here’s our favourite chutney, one based on a fine old traditional Yorkshire recipe. If you only want one chutney, one that works equally well with cheese, meat and pies, we’d recommend you go with this one. Like all our chutneys and preserves it comes in our signature clip-lid jar, that is eminently practical as a re-useable airtight storage jar.

    Weight: 240g
    Product Code: 5315

  • This Terre Exotique paste is made with Yuzu, an East Asian citrus fruit similar to a small lime. It was introduced to Japan during the Tang dynasty in around 700 AD. It is harvested in October in Koshi prefecture in Japan and is yellow or green depending on its ripeness. It tastes like mandarin or grapefruit.
    You can use yuzu fresh, or use its juice, its zest, ground or as pearls.
    Weight : 90g

  • A citrus fruit similar to lime, the zest will liven up all your chocolate desserts, shrimp salads, fish tartar and osso bucco !

    Weight : 20g

  • In Lebanon, this mix of warm and lemony flavours is used in mezze. Add an oriental touch to your Mediterranean vegetables, white meat and smoked salmon and your marinades!

    Weight : 70g

  • Pesto of zucchini and saffron in extra virgin olive oil. Fresh and flavorful, it is a great product to enjoy on any occasion. Try it on a bruschetta or as a sauce for pasta, but why not, also on a good risotto!
    Ideal with: canapes, bruschetta, pasta.
    Net Weight: 170g

  • Handmade zucchini rolls stuffed with cod, rice, onion and cheese in extra virgin olive oil. Treated with dedication by expert and passionate hands, each Ursini “Fagottino” is a little charming delicacy!
    Ideal with: aperitifs, appetizers, buffets, snacks.
    Net Weight: 250g