Le Praline 25

Assorted flavors

In this package : Amor (Macaroon No Alcohol) , Toscanello (Cinnamon No Alcohol ) , Mokita (Cappuccino No Alcohol) , Croccantino (Hazelnut, almond No Alcohol ) ,Amandola (Almond No Alcohol) , Passione (Rum Alcohol), Noixorange (Orange, Walnut No Alcohol) , Vin Santo (Vin Santo Alcohol), Delizioso (Hazelnut Cream No Alcohol), Solare (Zabaglione Alcohol), Supremo (Coffee No Alcohol), Tartufo (Hazelnut, Bitter Cocoa No Alcohol), Desiderio (Pistachio, Marzipan No Alcohol), Capriccio (Wine Flower, Grappa
Alcohol )

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8 months

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