Selection Chuao – 12 Napolitains

Box of 12 Chuao Napolitains – extra dark chocolate 70%

Immerse yourself in a tasting journey to discover our chocolate with this small box containing 12 Napolitains and let yourself be surprised by the flavour that chocolate will give you. Chuao, it wasn’t easy for Amedei to purchase and process these beans, and “tame” the wild bean, which had never been tasted in the pure form. Afetr 20-day aging period, this chocolate – unlike any other – continues to develop and improves its acidity and aroma.

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Aromatic Profile

Notes of red fruits, cocoa and honey


Cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Cocoa min. 70%. May contain traces of hazelnut, almond, pistachio, walnut, milk.

Shelf Life

18 months

Net Weight


Selection Chuao - 12 Napolitains