Chardonnay KOTYLE 2018

This wine comes from non-irrigated, low-yield vineyards in Messinia, at an elevation of 550 meters. Careful vilification and short maturation in oak barrels. Intense aromas of fruits, rich palate and long finish. Reflecting Messinia’s 3,500-year viticultural tradition, this wine has been named after the clay drinking cup, now widely known as Nestor’s Cup, found in the ancient Greek colony of Pithekoussai. In the Odyssey, Homer tells how wise King Nestor of Pylos received Telemachus and Athena by offering them wine in golden cups. WINE OF GREECE. CONTAINS SULFITES. Protected Geographical Indication: Peloponnese. Organic product.

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Bottled by ΠΔΣ/29-0418/11 on behalf of NAVARINO VINEYARDS S.A.






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