Culatello Oro Spigaroli – Sliced ​​in trays

This product contains all the knowledge of the Spigaroli family. It is produced only in the winter months; after a massage with Fortana wine and garlic we proceed to salting with salt and split pepper (there are no nitrates, sugars, flours or any other additive or stabilizer).

Maturing takes place in the historic cellars of 1320 of the Antica Corte Pallavicina.

Only from pigs weighing 180 to 230 kg
Ingredients: pork, salt, pepper, Fortana wine, garlic
Seasoning: over 24 months
Weight: about 800g
Sale: sliced ​​in a modified atmosphere tray

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Culatello Oro Spigaroli - Sliced ​​in trays