Balik Sjomga Orange

Our selection of Balik Sjomga revives the Scandinavian tradition of enhancing and improving the taste of smoked salmon using exquisite ingredients. The fillets sourced from the belly of the salmon (Atlantic salmon) are lightly smoked before each marination. In addition to using classic dill, Balik has redefined the traditional marinating recipe with the aid of exotic oranges, ginger and blossom honey.

The care taken in the preparation of Sjomga Orange is testament to the perfection provided by Balik. Each fillet cut from the belly of the salmon is first lightly smoked, then removed from its silver skin and marinated in ginger, blossom honey and orange. Every individual ingredient contributes to the unique aromatic taste. Cut into fine medallions, its originality and finesse will be a revelation for even the most demanding connoisseurs.

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approx. 280g

Shelf Life

21 days from production

Balik Sjomga Orange