Balik Classic Whole Side

In preparing the Balik Side Classic, specially selected salmon (Atlantic salmon) are mildly smoked in our traditional smoking chamber. Afterwards, the whole salmon sides are trimmed by hand and the bones and smoked skin removed. As the exquisite, original aroma of this remarkable salmon is experienced best when the sides are cut into fine slices, we offer Balik Side Classic as a single piece or pre-cut.

Each pack comes with detailed slicing instructions with suggestions for serving and dressing. Balik Side Classic tastes best if you combine it with just a few selected fresh ingredients, such as some crème fraîche and black pepper from a mill.

This whole salmon side is mildly smoked and trimmed.

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approx. 1.2 to 1.4 kg

Shelf Life

21 days from production

Balik Classic Whole Side