Anagenissi Bottarga from Messolonghi

A unique product, in a unique place. The two lagoons, Messolonghi and Aetoliko, with an area of ​​17,000 acres, formed the physiognomy of the city and were for years the basis of its economy. A small cooperative of fishermen, “Anagennisi”, managed to register the product as a Protected Designation of Origin, one of the two fishery products in Europe that have this recognition.

Nowadays, in order for a roe to be called “Messolonghi”, it must come from the dawn of the female Kefalos, the bafa, as the locals say, which is fished exclusively in the lagoons of Messolonghi and Aetoliko.
A little and rare, with a special taste, this exceptional product justifies the conquest of the Protected Designation of Origin.



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