Basic Blends


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  • Real C5 quality cinnamon – delicate and aromatic from cinnamon farmer Ananda in Sri Lanka

    Mill & Mortar only sells real cinnamon from Sri Lanka (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) – simply because it tastes better. True cinnamon – great quality, great taste – has a sweet, warm taste and a delicate wafting aroma. All real cinnamon is hand-cut as opposed to Kassia cinnamon, which can be processed mechanically.

    Net Weight : 45g

  • Hot, brown mustard seeds that can be used whole or crushed

    Brown mustard seeds have a sharp aromatic flavour that develops when the seeds are crushed and mixed with water, vinegar or other liquids. Coarsely crushed brown and yellow mustard seeds mixed in some water form the base for the classic Danish fish mustard marinade.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Nutty, bittersweet seeds

    Caraway has been a staple spice in the European kitchen for several thousands of years, and with the new Nordic cuisine movement, this bittersweet spice has its renaissance. The closed-umbrella shaped, nutty seeds can be found growing wild in Denmark and are now immensely popular in bread, cheese, meat and vegetable dishes.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Chipotle is a smoked chilli from Chihuahua, Mexico.

    Chipotle is made of medium-hot Jalapeno chillies that score between 2500 -10,000 on the Scoville scale.

    These peppers are ripened on the bush until they get deep brown and wrinkled. The chilli is then dried for several days in burning fireplaces.
    The resultant flavour is a combination of strong pepper fruit and smoke, which is typically used in sauces, salsas and marinades.

    Net Weight : 45g

  • Crunchy and aromatic

    Coriander has a distinct, sweet aromatic flavour and a fine spicy scent prominent in its dried seeds. Coriander is a traditionally common ingredient in diverse Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, but has now made its way to be used both dried and fresh, in most cuisines.

    Coriander can be used whole or crushed in a mortar, and mixed with other spices like cumin, cinnamon, pepper and fresh herbs.

    Net Weight 35g

  • Mild anise-flavoured spice to brighten savoury dishes

    Fennel seeds have a light green colour, a mild anise flavour and are seen in a myriad of Mediterranean and Asian dishes. They harmonise well with other spices and herbs, and are especially suitable for salads, light meat (chicken and pork) dishes and fish curries. The sweet and fresh liquorice /anise-like taste also yields well with pickled fruit.

    Net Weight : 40g

  • From the forest gardens of Develapola in Sri Lanka

    Ginger is a root crop and ours is grown ecologically in the Develapola group in the Gampaha district of Sri Lanka.

    Ginger has a warm, spicy and sweet aroma that, both fresh and dried, plays a vital role in Asian cuisine. At home, powdered ginger is often used in pastries, soups, marinades and smoothies. Chopped ginger is suitable for mixing with other spices and can be used as an alternative to fresh ginger.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Ground green cardamom, ready to use

    While black pepper is called the spice king, cardamom takes the title of the spice queen, partly because of the importance it has held in the spice trade, but also because it is the second most expensive spice in weight after saffron. Cardamom is expensive because it grows in remote places.

    Net Weight : 30g

  • Warm and vermillion spice

    Turmeric has a dense, slightly dusty, warm taste that accompanies its sunset orange hue. As a result, it is used in countless spice mixtures for its colour and ability to bring together spice flavours in a dish.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Popular Mexican hot Jalapeno chili flakes

    The fruit of the Jalapeño plant is sweet with nice green notes, while the hotness of the chili comes from around the core and stem. The moderate hotness (2,500 – 10,000 on the Scoville scale) of Jalapeño chili peppers gives a kick to your everyday dishes without burning the palate.

    Net Weight : 45g

  • Limited edition Porcini spice blend for risottos and sauces.

    The Karl Johan mushroom is the obvious star in this exquisite blend, supported by garlic, crushed parsley and petals of blue cornflower.
    The flowers have been packed in a separate packet to be sprinkled dry on your finished dish. Use approx. 2 tablespoons of KARL OTTO per 100 gm risotto rice. Even a single tablespoon (about 10 gm) equals approx. 100 grams of fresh Karl Johan mushroom and gives a rich and refined taste to your dishes.

    Net Weight : 40g

  • The East’s response to poppy seeds

    Nigella is used as both spice and garnish in Indian and Middle East cuisine. The flavour is mildly aromatic, and when cooked (roasted, baked or fried) emanates notes of oregano and a light, peppery bitterness, a bit like bread crust.

    In the European world, Nigella seeds are being increasingly used in seed bread, vegetable, fish and lamb dishes. Nigella seeds originally come from India and are used in many of their most popular dishes, either as sprinkles on flatbread, and vegetable and meat curries.

    Net Weight : 50g

  • Fascinatingly, the nutmeg tree delivers two spices- nutmeg and mace. The fruit of this tree is not a fruit in the traditional sense of the term, but a bulb containing the nutmeg seed. Outside of it all is a thick protective shell that opens up when the nuts ripen. It is a fascinating sight when the shell cracks and reveals the red blossom and the dark nut within.

    Net Weight : 45g

  • This is culinary royalty. The third most expensive spice in the world by weight after vanilla and saffron, Cardamom’s influence stretches from the curries of India to the bakeries of Scandinavia, not to mention in world famous gin distilleries and tea houses. Mill & Mortar sources its whole Organic Green Cardamom from the rainforests of Sri Lanka, where the villagers of Pilimathalawa have to get to the pods before the monkeys and boar eat them, or before the leeches, mosquitoes and other insects eat the pickers themselves. Picked while tender and green, the pods have a taste like nothing else,

    Net Weight : 45g

  • Pul Biber chili flakes have a vibrant red color and a mild and fruity taste with subtle notes of cumin. Also known as Aleppo pepper, Pul Biber is often used as a table spice in Turkey. The red chili is dried and the seeds are taken out before being crushed into beautiful red flakes. Pul Biber belongs to the milder varieties of chili, rating only 5-10,000 on the Scoville scale. Sprinkle directly onto food or add during cooking.

    Net Weight : 45g

  • Sumac is a versatile spice that adds sour and citrus notes to your cooking. It is particularly popular in and around the Mediterranean and Middle East kitchens, where spices are added to marinades, rubs and dips or sprinkled directly to the food before serving.

    Net Weight : 50g