Reganas with Extra virgin Olive Oil

Regañás is a kind of hard and very thin bread made using the same process as unleavened bread. It is a typical product from Seville and originating in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Spain.
Its popularity has become common in other areas of Andalusia and Spain. The texture is similar to a crunchy bread biscuit, and it is usually served as an accompaniment to various dishes or appetizers, such as tapas.
The Finca La Barca “Regañás” have been made in the most traditional way possible, with a lot of love and our best Finca La Barca Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result is a product with a delicate flavor, a crunchy texture and an aroma of the best EVOO.

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Wheat flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (21%), Sesame, Yeast, Salt, water. May contain traces of Soy.

Reganas with Extra virgin Olive Oil