Rainbow Ceramic Jar

The Rainbow Jar is a true style icon. This terracotta olive oil jar preserves all the flavour and aroma of our extra virgin olive oil.

500ml size.

Taste : Medium Fruity

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Two great Apulian traditions – making olive oil and creating decorated vases – have come together in these Frantoio Muraglia Jars. Our company’s iconic oil jars are entirely hand-made by artisans here in Apulia who deploy their skills in shaping the clay, kiln-firing and then painting the resulting vessels entirely by hand. Each one is unique. The Apulian tradition of crafting decorated vases meets designer creativity: both come together in our colourful Jar Collection, each brightly coloured jar containing an oil of incomparable consistency, colour, flavour and aroma.The Rainbow Jar is a true style icon.

Rainbow Ceramic Jar