Tentacles Ceramic Jar

Tradition and contemporaneity. Land and Sea. Color and purity. An extra virgin olive oil that contains its flavor in the scents of Puglia.

500ml size

Taste : Medium Fruity.



The Pop Art collection jars are totally hand-moulded by Apulian ceramists.
Jars are real design objects leading you to the colours of Puglia’s ground and sea.
POP ART – coloured marine topics: octopuses, squids and fishes with bright shades stand out against white pottery highlighting his purity and his artisan perfection; then pastel streaks becomes shimmering parts of the rainbow – Antico Frantoio Muraglia distinguishing iconography – and plunge themselves into the sea to personalize very coloured octopuses before coming back to the ground represented by hot prickly pears.


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