Flor de Sal Algarve Salt

The Algarve Flower of Salt comes from the South of Portugal, from the Ria Formosa National Park. Sweet in taste and crunchy in consistency, it is known by the greatest Chefs.
Its matte white color is obtained thanks to a natural drying time of around one year.
The turquoise green pot was inspired by the color of the sea in the Algarve.
This Fleur de sel is a must for lovers of fish, tartars, ceviche and all fish and raw meats.

Weight : 70g

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How to use

Fleur de sel is a finishing salt, which is added to dishes as a final touch, to preserve the nuanced flavors of the salt and its crystalline texture. The fleur de sel cannot be cooked and must be added out of the heat, when serving.

Flor de Sal Algarve Salt