The Santomiele Bobo is an epic celebration of spring and the resurrection of nature which coincides with Easter. The artistic imagination, the Santomiele skill, the shapes and the scents of a festive scenery creates the perfect combination of contemporary taste and charm. Inspiration is always linked to the beauty of “Cilentani” Mediterranean landscapes with terraced gardens, populated with oranges, apples, lemons, mandarins that explode with scents and lush colors: yellow, red, orange.

The end result is the Bobo: An egg where oranges, spices and dried fruit are set by hand on a 70% cocoa dark chocolate with a broad and persistent bouquet of aromas.
Worked with the “Carthusian” technique, it is a handmade, limited and numbered production. Only 300 pieces of BOBO Santomiele will be made – numbered 1/300.

Weight: 700gr

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