Bitter Gray

Olive trees of the local variety ‘’Nemoutiana – Horaitiki’’ bring out all these elements that make this variety distinguished at their natural environment. A splendid location from where excursions for hiking and rafting begin hanging over the currents of Ladonas and Alfios rivers. Extra virgin olive oil for connoisseurs, it demands trained palates to relish the strong bitter taste of it, but one that rewards the daring in a unique way.

Capacity 500 ml

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Green fruity. Aromas of green apple, freshly cut grass, olive leaves, artichoke, fresh herbs are dominant. Strongly bitter and spicy, properties which give it incredibly full taste. Intensively aggressive and long lasting aftertaste.

Tasting notes & Food matching

This fine olive oil is ideal for winter recipes of wild pheasant and iberico ham. Bitter Gray is all that is needed to convert a winter salad with lardon and nuts into a feast of tastes bringing to the palate all best essences of the earth. Bitter Gray also creates a gourmet combination when paired with a delicate toro sashimi.

Bitter Gray