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  • The olive trees of the Koroneiki variety are located in near distance of the picturesque village Kallithea, in a slightly inclined ground which faces Alfios River. The area has an excellent microclimate with exceptional air circulation and a little moisture which disappears with the currents of the valley and the first rays of the morning sun.

    Capacity 500 ml

  • Olive trees of the local variety ‘’Nemoutiana – Horaitiki’’ bring out all these elements that make this variety distinguished at their natural environment. A splendid location from where excursions for hiking and rafting begin hanging over the currents of Ladonas and Alfios rivers. Extra virgin olive oil for connoisseurs, it demands trained palates to relish the strong bitter taste of it, but one that rewards the daring in a unique way.

    Capacity 500 ml

  • Blend from the olive trees of the Koroneiki variety and the local variety Nemoutiana – Horaitiki harvested early in order to combine the strongest characteristics of these two varieties. Extra virgin olive oil that fills the palates with strong and wild taste on an early breeze. Its fresh aromas and strong taste makes it ideal for grasping both the scents of the mountain and the sea.

    Capacity 500 ml

  • Extra virgin olive oil of Koroneiki variety. The olive trees are located exactly next to the sea in the region of Katakolo. The morning mist that covers the trees is swept away by the breeze of the Ionian Sea. Significant role also plays the soil, which consists of partly volcanic sediments.

    Capacity 500 ml