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  • Sri Lanka is the home of Ceylon tea and it offers a wondrous variety of growing regions, each of which yields a different flavour. Growing the tea at a medium altitude gives this tea a lighter, fresher flavour than its lower grown, strong and malty counterparts used for English Breakfast Tea. Best sipped in the afternoons with a plentiful array of biscuits and cake. We use only the finest quality loose leaf tea in our biodegradable tea bags, and the pyramid shape allows more space for the water and tea leaves to infuse, resulting in a cuppa that’s both complex and superior in flavour.

    This product is suitable for vegan and gluten free diets.

    Weight : 45g
    Product Code : 5327

  • We took one of our classic salted caramel biscuits and covered it in the finest milk chocolate. We then took that and covered it in some more of that fine milk chocolate. And then, for good measure we covered it some more. The result a chocolate biscuit that is one third biscuit, two thirds chocolate. And totally delicious. Available here in one of our signature, clip-lid tins.

    Weight: 300g
    Product Code: 5224

  • Autumn is the season of mellow fruitfulness and its bounty makes for rich pickings. Packed to the brim with apples, plums and tomatoes, this really is autumn in jar and makes the perfect accompaniment to a seasonal picnic. So, reach for the picnic basket, grab a chunk of sturdy cheddar, stow a bottle of stout and enjoy in the great outdoors.
    Weight: 250g
    Product Code: 5322

  • Cartwright & Butler is rightly proud of it’s classic fudge, made with real butter to a traditional Scottish recipe by adding rich Belgian chocolate to the mix. Creamy, chocolatey and absolutely melt-in-the-mouth.

    Weight: 175g
    Product Code: 4612

  • Apples, cranberries and apricots are slow-cooked in malt vinegar with black pepper, cinnamon, chilli, nutmeg and Nigella seeds to make our Boxing Day Chutney. Created in small batches, especially to serve with turkey and cheeses, this chutney makes for a delightful addition to your boxing day spread.
    Weight: 250g
    Product Code: 4223

  • A good, old-fashioned and very creamy fudge made just the way it should be, with real butter from an age-old, Scottish recipe. Presented here in one of our signature clip-top tin, this really does make the ideal gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    Weight : 175gr
    Product Code : 5233

  • Traditional English toffee has been around since the 1800s. Not often can we be so specific about such things but during our research of recipes we discovered the word, toffee, first appeared in the English Oxford Dictionary in 1825. Back then it was made with loads and loads of butter and sugar, and not much else. So that’s where we started. Available here in our signature, clip top tin.

    This product is suitable for gluten free diets

    Weight: 130g
    Product Code: 5261

  • C&B onion chutney is a wonderful match to a crumbly cheese like a Caerphilly or young Lancashire or partnered with a goat’s cheese tart or on top of a burger.

    Weight: 250g
    Product Code: 5316

  • In C&B they use a quality,mature cheddar and plenty of fresh butter so we can taste the most crunchy and unique biscuit.

    Weight: 100g
    Product Code: 4490

  • A traditional cheese biscuit made from a favourite recipe of ours that comes with a single golden rule, do not, repeat do not skimp on the Gouda cheese or the butter, not if you want a truly delicious crunchy texture that packs a proper cheesey punch. Ideal with slices of sweet, crisp apple for when you crave a little indulgence with your snack.

    Weight: 75g
    Product Code: 5303

  • Flat, flavourful and crunchy, these skillfully baked cheese flat breads are made with a mix of wheat & rye flour dough and seasoned with cheeses and linseeds.

    Weight: 130g
    Product Code: 4826

  • These crunchy, little cheese wafers are a sublime combination of sweet and savoury, thanks to a recipe that balances perfectly the sweetness of honey with the sharpness tang of mustard.

    Weight: 75g
    Product Code: 5304

  • These delightfully light flatbreads are subtly flavoured with sweet chilli and garlic. Enjoy on their own as a delicious compliment to your favourite dips and cheeses.

    Weight: 130g
    Product Code: 4604

  • Is it a cake, or is it a biscuit? Who cares when the brownie tastes this good. A rich, smooth slice of chocolatey heaven that is the perfect paring with your morning coffee. Presented here in one of our reusable, signature biscuit tins that come with a clip-lid.
    Weight: 300g
    Product Code: 5222

  • Treat yourself to an afternoon snack with these chocolate wafer biscuits. Perfect for enjoying with friends, these crispy wafers are covered in milk chocolate and will be ideal with tea.

    Weight: 140g
    Product Code: 5561

  • Known for its refreshing and sharp taste and prized for its health benefits, this refreshing Green Tea brings notes of orange blossom and citrus to the taste buds. Our Citrus Green Tea Whole Leaf Tea is best enjoyed on its own, or perhaps with a thin slice of lemon.
    We use only the finest quality loose leaf tea in our biodegradable tea bags, and the pyramid shape allows more space for the water and tea leaves to infuse, resulting in a cuppa that’s both complex and superior in flavour.

    This product is suitable for vegan diets.

    Weight : 45g
    Product Code : 5333