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  • Filleted anchovies, fished in spring on the Amalfi Coast and matured in chestnut barrels for 8 months or more. A traditional method that makes Armatore anchovies a product of gastronomic excellence.

    Weight : 90g

  • Red Tuna Bottarga is a typical delicacy of the Mediterranean Sea. Linked to tradition, Armatore selects only the best tuna to create a Bottarga with a unique taste and according to the natural method. The Mediterranean caviar comes from a classic process that respects the territory and the directives of the International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tuna. The eggs of the bluefin tuna are removed and then pressed, salted and dried very slowly, in full protection of the species. Bottarga di Tuna Rosso has a color that varies from light to dark pink and has a strong flavor that goes well with different dishes. From a nutritional point of view, Red Tuna Bottarga is a food particularly rich in good fats and proteins but the high sodium content always requires a rational use.

    Weight : Per kilo