Bahía de la Concha


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  • Smooth with salt, “al dente” texture and made exclusively with Cantabrian anchovies.

    Matured for just the right time in salting, we desalinate them well, clean them, cut them by hand and pack them in virgin olive oil.

    Net Weight : 70g

  • We only use Cantabrian anchovies. We marinate them with just the right amount of vinegar and white wine. Packed in oil with garlic and parsley, they maintain the nuances of fish, with an “al dente” texture and an unbeatable flavor. They have been treated against Anisakis.

    Net Weight : 110g

  • Delicious octopus cooked in its own juice. The best raw material and slow cooking result in this very tasty octopus. Once cooked, we separate meat and juice for optimal use. Prepare it on the grill, microwave, or on the grill and with the juice you can make a rice, some cooked potatoes, etc.

    Net Weight : 300g