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  • Figs, Chestnuts, Oranges, Lemons, Pistachios, Hazelnuts

  • Hand wrapped figs puff pastry, stuffed with nuts, sun-dried wild fennel from the Mediterranean hills of Cilento, citrus peels. The whole is flavoured with a soft rhum, distilled from fermented sugar cane juice.

  • A “Capicollo” is remniscent of a round, loaf-shaped product with filling.
    Here, you will find a soft paste of figs, crunchy grains of green Bronte pistachios and fragrant roasted almonds. The addition of spiced rum gives an intense aroma to the product. Excellent as a dessert if combined with an aged marsala or with an agricultural rum.

  • Carpaccio is a sheet of peeled figs rolled up and tied with hemp rope. It presents delicate sweetness and subtle seeds, with no preservatives.
    It is ideal in the kitchen both in combination with fish, meats, cheeses, salads and desserts and enjoyed alone as a special appetizer.
    You can use slices to wrap cheeses, fillets of fish, meats, salads, foie gras, caviar, creams or to garnish pizza.
    Use a slicer or knife to cut it, wetting the blade with any liqueur in between slices.

    Weight: 300gr

  • Limonfichi dark chocolates with figs and lemon liqueur cocoa 70% Munacielli candied orange with hazelnuts and dark chocolate cocoa 70% Munacielli candied lemon with pistachios and dark chocolate cocoa 70% Sciusci? dark chocolates with chestnuts and rhum cocoa 70% Scugnizzi dottato figs with bitter cocoa and rhum

  • Wooden cubes – Limonfichi and Scugnizzi

  • As in Renaissance workshops, Il Baule holds the most precious items. Here a unique product comes to life, result of aesthetic taste, art and work ethic, with one extra ingredient that allows to be always up to date and make dreams come true: the quality.
    The Box contains an assortment of aromatic figs, extra-dark chocolates, molasses and capicollo with pistachios, a testament to the Santomiele excellence of taste.

  • Fagottino figs with raisins, orange peels and almonds, all amalgamated in a solution of molasses and rum; it is cooked in fig tree’s leaves, which give the product an intense aroma of berries.

  • The Santomiele fig, peeled by hand and dried in the sun and in the wind, gives rise to a unique excellence in the world “The World fig”. White as a coral, soft as silk and the scents are fresh and sparkling like the sea breeze. The ingredients (almonds, walnuts and […]

  • Is a brittle with almonds from Puglia realized with no added sugar , with citrus peels and figs molasses. Ingredients that are the basis of the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Il Signorino with almonds in Festa, is a brittle with no added sugar with almonds from Puglia. Figs’ molasses and fresh citrus peels create scents which recall that of the Mediterranean scrub, of the gorse and of the colorful wildflowers . Great combination with Passito wines from the sunny Sicily.

  • Il Signorino is a brittle with hazelnuts ?la tonda di Giffoni? realized with no added sugar , with citrus peels and figs molasses. The scents are those of the green lemons of the Italian gardens.

  • Il Signorino in Festa with hazelnuts , is a brittle with no added sugar, with the hazelnuts ?la tonda di Giffoni?.
    Figs molasses and fresh citrus’ peels combined with the hazelnuts create a bouquet of citrus flavors. Great
    combination with the finest sparkling wines,such as the Prosecco, of Italian tradition

  • Il Signorino welcome , is a brittle with almonds from Puglia or with hazelnuts ?la tonda di Giffoni? realized with no added sugar, with citrus peels and figs’ molasses. Ingredients that are the basis of the Mediterranean Diet.Anexcellent aid during physical activity

  • Cilentana figs stuffed with almonds and walnuts, are enriched by natural aromas such as fennel and citrus peels. Others are covered with extra dark chocolate , with a content of 70%cocoa.
    This golden fig-based creation, “Ficodoro” as it is also called, will add small doses of luxury to your everyday moments!