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  • Cartwright & Butler is rightly proud of it’s classic fudge, made with real butter to a traditional Scottish recipe by adding rich Belgian chocolate to the mix. Creamy, chocolatey and absolutely melt-in-the-mouth.

    Weight: 175g
    Product Code: 4612

  • A good, old-fashioned and very creamy fudge made just the way it should be, with real butter from an age-old, Scottish recipe. Presented here in one of our signature clip-top tin, this really does make the ideal gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

    Weight : 175gr
    Product Code : 5233

  • Traditional English toffee has been around since the 1800s. Not often can we be so specific about such things but during our research of recipes we discovered the word, toffee, first appeared in the English Oxford Dictionary in 1825. Back then it was made with loads and loads of butter and sugar, and not much else. So that’s where we started. Available here in our signature, clip top tin.

    This product is suitable for gluten free diets

    Weight: 130g
    Product Code: 5261

  • Our rich and creamy Gingerbread Fudge Tin makes for the perfect sweet treat. Made from a traditional all-butter recipe originating in Scotland, our Gingerbread Fudge has a delicious mixture of spicy ginger with hints of sticky treacle. Our Gingerbread Fudge is secured inside one of our beautifully-designed Cartwright & Butler clip-top jars offering a wide range of reusability, such as storing tea bags and biscuits.

    Weight : 175g
    Product Code : 4222

  • To the serious sweetie there is no such thing as just a mint. Oh no, for them, there can be but only one mint. The classic of all mints, one covered in a crisp sugar coating that yields to a crumbly, centre flavoured with the clean, sharp refreshing taste of peppermint oil.

    Weight : 190g
    Product Code : 4699

  • C&B took the classic butter fudge recipe and added salted caramel to it.
    We had an inkling that it was going to be good but even we were surprised at just how good it is. Try it for yourself!

    This product is suitable for gluten free diets

    Weight : 175g
    Product Code : 5234

  • For over 200 years English toffee has been made with little more than sugar and butter – loads and loads of butter, if you want it to be truly exceptional. So, here’s English toffee with a little sea salt added.

    Weight: 130g
    Product Code: 5262

  • Who doesn’t have fond memories of these sweets from their childhood? Tiny, sugary gems that give way to their surprise hit of sherbet. Presented in a clip-lid jar with a ceramic lid they make an ideal gift.

    Weight: 190g
    Product Code: 4665

  • Soft fruit jellies are made from real fruit and then delicately dusted with sugar. So, while it’s a push – okay, totally wrong – to claim they make up one of your Five-a-day they truly deserve their classic status amongst sweets.

    Weight: 190g
    Product Code: 4693

  • A clip-lid, ceramic top jar crammed full of soft fruit jellies made from real fruit and delicately dusted with sugar. These truly deserve their classic status amongst sweets.

    Weight: 190g
    Product Code: 4663

  • Hard-boiled sweets with a sweet apple flavour, that gives way to a pleasantly sharp sour finish, it’s like having two sweets for the price of one.

    Weight : 170gr
    Product Code: 4696

  • This gift selection combines four of our best-selling fudge flavours; Our Butter Fudge is the original and the classic; rich, creamy and totally divine. Our Salted Caramel Fudge is every bit as smooth and creamy as our butter fudge but with the added depth of rich caramel and salt crystals. Our Belgian Chocolate Fudge is a chocoholics delight; rich, creamy and deliciously chocolatey. Our Strawberry and Clotted Cream Fudge is both fruity and creamy.


    – Classic Butter Fudge

    – Belgian Chocolate Fudge

    – Strawberry & Clotted Cream Fudge

    – Sea Salted Fudge

    Weight : 4x 175g
    Product Code : 5567

  • The latest addition to the Cartwright & Butler fudge selection, the deliciously creamy Malt Whisky Fudge melts in the mouth. Made with real butter and to a traditional Scottish recipe, the brand new recipe blends the smooth flavour of only the very best Malt Whisky. The Whisky Fudge is secured inside one of the beautifully-designed Cartwright & Butler clip-top tins offering a wide range of reusability, such as storing tea bags and biscuits.

    This product is suitable for gluten free diets.

    Weight : 175g
    Product Code : 4241