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  • Black Truffle Crackers are perfect for accompanying pre-dinner drinks and will bring a delicious truffle flavour to such gatherings. They are made in Anjou using traditional methods. This environmentally-responsible recipe is an exclusive creation of La Truffe by Petrossian. Thin and crunchy, these crackers can be eaten plain, or with a spread, such as truffle tarama, for example.

    Weight: 100g

  • These round, crunchy biscuits with nuggets of salted butter caramel are very crisp and light. Giving pride of place to Isigny caramel enhanced with a dash of Guérande fleur de sel, they will quickly become a delicious mainstay of sweet snacks. They are made using completely traditional methods in the Tarn region.

    Weight: 70g

  • These rolled vanilla gaufrettes are light and crispy. They are the perfect accompaniment to fruit salad, chocolate mousse, ice cream and sorbet. Also known as vanilla waffle rolls, they can also be served with tea or coffee.

    Weight: 170g

  • The rye Croustissian® is a must-have on your table. This crunchy rye cracker is made using a Scandinavian recipe to bring extra crisp to an aperitif or cocktail hour. The Croustissian® is the perfect vessel for salmon, roe, tarama, and other seafood specialities.

    Weight : 200g