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  • We took one of our classic salted caramel biscuits and covered it in the finest milk chocolate. We then took that and covered it in some more of that fine milk chocolate. And then, for good measure we covered it some more. The result a chocolate biscuit that is one third biscuit, two thirds chocolate. And totally delicious. Available here in one of our signature, clip-lid tins.

    Weight: 300g
    Product Code: 5224

  • In C&B they use a quality,mature cheddar and plenty of fresh butter so we can taste the most crunchy and unique biscuit.

    Weight: 100g
    Product Code: 4490

  • A traditional cheese biscuit made from a favourite recipe of ours that comes with a single golden rule, do not, repeat do not skimp on the Gouda cheese or the butter, not if you want a truly delicious crunchy texture that packs a proper cheesey punch. Ideal with slices of sweet, crisp apple for when you crave a little indulgence with your snack.

    Weight: 75g
    Product Code: 5303

  • Flat, flavourful and crunchy, these skillfully baked cheese flat breads are made with a mix of wheat & rye flour dough and seasoned with cheeses and linseeds.

    Weight: 130g
    Product Code: 4826

  • These crunchy, little cheese wafers are a sublime combination of sweet and savoury, thanks to a recipe that balances perfectly the sweetness of honey with the sharpness tang of mustard.

    Weight: 75g
    Product Code: 5304

  • These delightfully light flatbreads are subtly flavoured with sweet chilli and garlic. Enjoy on their own as a delicious compliment to your favourite dips and cheeses.

    Weight: 130g
    Product Code: 4604

  • Is it a cake, or is it a biscuit? Who cares when the brownie tastes this good. A rich, smooth slice of chocolatey heaven that is the perfect paring with your morning coffee. Presented here in one of our reusable, signature biscuit tins that come with a clip-lid.
    Weight: 300g
    Product Code: 5222

  • Treat yourself to an afternoon snack with these chocolate wafer biscuits. Perfect for enjoying with friends, these crispy wafers are covered in milk chocolate and will be ideal with tea.

    Weight: 140g
    Product Code: 5561

  • Make the most of the festive season with our delicious Cranberry and Orange Christmas Mince Pies, with a recipe designed by us to bring together some of the most irresistible Christmas flavours. Our Cranberry and Orange Mince Pies have soft, crumbly all-butter pastry cases that hold a rich mix of sultanas, raisins, apples and fruit peel which brings a full fruity taste. The Mince Pies are then cooked in a unique blend of traditional Cranberries and Orange oil Christmas spices to give them that nostalgic, festive taste. The finishing touch to our delicious Christmas Mince Pies is a whole un-skinned almond on top for its superior flavour.

    Weight: 115g
    Product Code: 5281

  • Fine wafer thin discs of bitter, velvety dark chocolate. Complemented perfectly by the spicy, warming zing of ginger, these deliciously moreish chocolate thins are perfect for an after dinner treat.

    Weight: 150g
    Product Code: 5283

  • A chocolate that is the very epitome of refinement and elegance. A slither thin disc of finest dark chocolate that has been infused with the oil of mint, then tempered to a glossy shine. The perfect after dinner mint.

    Weight: 150g
    Product Code: 5263

  • Demerara Shortbread Rounds are made to a family recipe of lashings of butter with a perfectly baked, crumbly texture and a dusting of Demerara sugar

    Weight: 200g
    Product Code: 5175

  • This shortbread is made from a family recipe with lashings of butter, a perfectly baked, crumbly texture and a handful of flaked almonds.

    Weight: 200g
    Product Code: 5177

  • An adaption of the classic butter oats. The same great recipe but without the gluten. This product is suitable for gluten free diets.

    Weight: 180g
    Product Code: 4610

  • The C&B Classic Christmas Cake, voted as a top 10 alternative to Christmas pudding in the Independent in 2018, is packed full of sweet cherries and chunky almonds. Topped with marzipan and finished off with a decorative reef on a layer of white icing, this moist cake is delicious down to the last morsel. Presented in a beautiful, round painted tin.

    Weight: 700g
    Product Code: 4494

  • The Viennese swirl we all know and love, with the addition of zesty lemon. Finished with a rich dark chocolate, these biscuits are a delicious mix of flavours.

    Weight: 200g
    Product Code: 4570