The Gold Standard in Greece. Fine Living Travel Services was quick to see the need for gilt-edge, tailor-made tourist services and more prominent gourmet products in Greece. Now, five years later, the brand has set the benchmark for luxury offerings in the region. FOUR speaks with the company’s founder, Giannis […]

The Art of Food Concierge. Exquisite caviar and lobsters, fresh truffles from Australia, the best and rarest caviar in the world – these are just a few of the luxury delicacies with which the wealthy visitors of our country stock their superyachts. Read the entire article on VIMAgazino here.

The Champagne of Kings in Greece. Rothschild champagnes are present in more than 40 countries worldwide. In Greece, they arrive in just a few days, as they have entered into an exclusive partnership with the distinguished company Fine Foods Collection ( The Extra Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Rose, and Rare […]

Peck Milano – The World’s Most Famous Easter Eggs. A historic Italian delicatessen with exquisite delicacies and a ‘golden’ clientele that even includes the Pope creates the most renowned chocolate eggs. The current owner, Leone Marzotto, shares the recipe for success. Read the entire article here.

Introducing Greeks the top gastronomic brands. From Iranian caviar and beyond, to the rarest truffles from Alba, Périgord, and Greece, as well as the handpicked olives from the Vatopedi Monastery, the renowned entrepreneur chooses only the most exquisite for his VIP clients. Read the interview he gave to VIMAgazino here.

The master of VIP menus and holidays in Greece. A connoisseur of the good life, he has changed the gastronomic map of Athens with his company, Greek Luxury Products, offering rare gourmet products. Simultaneously, he provides concierge services for exclusive tourism throughout the country… Read the interview he gave to […]

When finesse adds value to gastronomy. Products that expand beyond and transcend the confines of the domestic delicatessen arena, offering a shopping experience that seamlessly blends the sophistication of the space with the expertise of a team deeply immersed and knowledgeable in what truly defines finesse. Introducing the Fine Foods […]