Ultra Violette Flower Jelly x Mr. Marguerite

This year, Confiture Parisienne has transformed the mythical flower bouquet into a delicate purple jelly. Yes, purple is the colour, not the flower, and it’s all thanks to Mother Nature who gave us butterfly peas, this time a flower that colours life in ultra purple.

The ultra violet flower jelly is also the fruit of a meeting between the eco-responsible florist, Monsieur Marguerite, who only sources 100% French flowers, and the only jam factory in Paris.

As for the flavours, we have chosen to bring together the finest flowers of elegance for a blend that will do you good: a base of green tea, butterfly peas for their soothing properties, and rose petals for their anti-grey side.

The ultra violet flower jelly is THE perfect composition dedicated to the ultra cool mothers.

Weight: 250g

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Tasting Tips

Sweet : On a waffle, as a base for your cocktail or with cottage cheese.


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