The Rooster ceramic jar


A 100% Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the content to the container.

500ml size

Taste : Intense Fruity

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The Rooster jar, keeping the premium EVO oil produced by Frantoio Muraglia, is handmade by Apulian ceramists.

The Rooster by Stella Tasca, an Italian designer known for her unique style and bright colours, becomes a “floral” animal, as she calls it: a flash of light, sun and colour, proud as one who finds a new way, stretched out towards a new path. Its tail evokes and celebrates the olive tree, another symbol par excellence of the Apulian identity, thus becoming even more closely linked to the territory and the product that the ceramic jar contains and protects: the feather of the rooster become olive leaves, hence life itself.

The Rooster ceramic jar