Spring box #9

Amedei – 25 Box Pralines 280g
Goutis – evoo fresh 500ml
Maison Toussaint – Les Bons Sables Caramel 160g
Freni – Marzipan Box 9 fruits 490g
Maison Boissier – Violet Chocolate petals with crystallized
violet 70g
Petrossian – Maviar 1950 125g
Petrossian – Horseradish 100g
Petrossian – Beet and Horseradish 100g
Petrossian – Smoked Salmon Sliced 200g
Petrossian – Ossetra Royal Gueldenstaedtii 50g,
Petrossian tarama 100g,
Petrossian – Alaskan Royal King Crab Legs 100% 200g
Petrossian – Mini Blinis 30 pieces per bag 135g
FFC medium flower bouquet and box medium



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