Petrossian Premium Vodka

The bottle was created by a well-known designer, W. Zoller, and uses all of the codes of the Petrossian brand, including the blue colour, the waves on the iconic tin, and the Petrossian boat that’s embossed on a medallion. And to add a bit of fun, little caviar eggs ‘escape’ from the waves when you tip the bottle to pour out the vodka. When tasting this vodka you’ll discover a whole variety of aromas and a particularly discreet heat. It’s soft, with a long finish, making it the connoisseurs’ favourite vodka. Armen Petrossian’s tasting suggestion is to enjoy it pure and chilled, but not too cold. Take the vodka out of the freezer ten minutes before serving it on its own or with seafood specialities.

Format 1 L



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