Kamut Flour 1 Kg

Farina di Kamut 1 Kg

The Kamut flour is obtained from milling of Khorasan wheat, one of the oldest variety of wheat. As any other cereal at Mulino Marino, it is milled in pureness (no contamination of other products) and with natural stone, following the characteristics of the single cereal with no alteration of the nutrients.

The presence of the brand Kamut guarantees the highest quality standards in cereal production: it is never subjected to hybridization and crossbreeding and come from biological cultures in order to preserve its absolute value.

The term Kamut derives from the homonymic brand, registered in 1990, but it is generally used to identify a particular typology of wheat: the Triticum turgidum turanicum, also known as Khorasan.

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Store in a cool dry place.


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