Conservas Gueyumar Box

Includes :

Marino Mulino – Bio Elica Gigante 500g
Ar de Arte – Mussels Fernando Rei Edition 120ml
Ar de Arde – Small Scallops Fernando Rei Edition 120ml
El Carrascal – 12/18 Peppers in can 255g
Conservas Gueyumar- Grilled Octopus 160g
Conservas Gueyumar – Squids in Ink 172g
Conservas Gueyumar – Sardines Tails in pickled sauce 150g
Conservas Gueyumar – Sardines Loins in Pickled sauce 150g
Petrossian – Tarama 100gr
Petrossian Maviar 1950 125g
Petrossian – Croustissian Crispy Biscuits 55g
Ferron – Riso Vialone Nano 500g
Wine Cotes du Rhone Reserve Blanc 750ml

FFC medium flower buqet
FFC medium box


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