Dutch Roses Edition: Silken Pyramids Selection Box

Our From the Heart selection box is a tea lover’s dream and this special Dutch Roses Edition makes gift giving a fine art. Inspired by the paintings of the Dutch Masters, this charming box bears a wreath of flowers to inspire love and affection. The beautiful box contains four luxury green teas and tisanes in Silken Pyramids, individually wrapped in lustrous and colourful sachets for freshness

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Hunan Green green tea; Jasmine Princess green jasmine tea; Rooibos Orange rooibos, orange peel, orange flavour, liquorice; Strawberry & Mango apple, rosehips, hibiscus, beetroot, papaya, strawberry pieces, strawberry and mango flavours


contains each: 4 x 5 Silken Pyramids

Dutch Roses Edition: Silken Pyramids Selection Box