Cosmic Chocolate

Cosmic Chocolate, the most psychedelic gift for the holidays!

No doubt about it, Cosmic Chocolate is the trendiest gift of the end of the year which will find its right place between your boots in fluorescent synthetic fur and your Paco Rabanne metal dress.
Wait until you taste this nirvana of pleasure! First, a mixture of marshmallow and dark and milk chocolate that goes straight to the brain in a multicolored explosion. Then, tiny splinters of cocoa bean like mini-meteorites to climb to the seventh heaven.
Imagine enjoying this at the foot of the tree while looking at your face deformed in a Christmas ball… So? To become a child again at Christmas, isn’t it the best gift? And there are some who will say that Santa Claus does not exist? Let’s go!

Weight: 250g

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Tasting Tips

Sweet : On a pancake, a pancake, in a latte or your comforting hot chocolate. It will also embellish your most beautiful cookies and madeleines.

Cosmic Chocolate